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"Aviva for Desktops version 14" is officially released. The release focuses on Windows ...   [ Read More ]

Montreal  "Aviva for Desktops version 12" is officially released. The release ...   [ Read More ]

Aviva® for Desktops™ version 14

Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista & XP compliant

Microsoft™ Windows™ 8, Windows™ 7, Windows™ Vista, Windows™ XP platforms

TCP/IP and SNA connectivity to IBM mainframe, AS/400, DEC and Unix hosts

English, French, German, Italian and Spanish editions

TN3270, TN5250 and VT220 sessions support TLS/SSL and SSH communications and SOCKS proxy servers

Enhanced TLS/SSL Security taking full advantage of Windows™ certificate management

Full screen mode, tablet and touch-screen devices support and other usability enhancements

.NET applications access and automate Aviva® for Desktops™ and vice-versa

Aviva® for Desktops™
Aviva improves security and user experience

Montreal, Canada, January 1, 2014 Aviva Solutions Inc., leader in terminal emulation solutions, unveils its latest release of Aviva for Desktops, the secure connectivity solution for IBM mainframe, midrange, DEC and UNIX systems. Aviva for Desktops version 14 now supports the latest encryption standards, while greatly simplifying the TLS/SSL and SSH client and server authentication. It features significant usability enhancements, such as full screen mode and touch-screen gestures support.

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