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Aviva offers a comprehensive range of Secure Windows-based host access, Web to Host, and Application Integration products that extend corporate data running on IBM mainframe, AS/400, UNIX and Dec systems, to desktop PCs, Web browsers, or mobile devices over SNA, IP and wireless networks. The Aviva family of host access and integration products includes:

New! Aviva Web-to-Host
Aviva for Java v4.1 is released with support for system printing, APL character set, SOCKS proxy servers. This version can run as a desktop application started from a shortcut. It delivers secure host access and emulation solutions via the Internet.

Aviva Application Integration
Aviva Host Integration SDK™ Provides innovative tools to easily integrate host data into new J2EE and Portal applications.

Aviva Traditional Host Access
Aviva for Desktops&trade provide secure Windows-based host access including 3270 emulation, 5250 emulation and VT220 emulation solutions that extend host data to your desktop PCs.

Also available are Aviva HostPrint Server™ and Aviva Terminal Server™
Aviva Host Access Security
Aviva Security Redirector™ Ensures secure end-to-end TN3270 host access to your corporate information. It is available with Aviva for Java™ upon request.

Aviva Unique Offerings
Satisfies your complete host access, migration and network connectivity needs with Aviva Solutions products and services. We can satisfy all of your specific connectivity and emulation needs. We understand the diverse host access requirements of your internal and external customers and offer enterprise-wide solutions that address these individual needs.

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